Dutch Customer Service Representative

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Update day: 07-05-2023

Location: Jaén city Jaén

Category: Consulting / Customer Service


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About The Job:
Let’s start by saying this: forget everything you know about Customer Support. At
5CA we like to do everything a little bit differently. A little bit geekier. A little bit more
our own way. Can you help us provide our clients with the best customer support
they have ever seen.

Before you even start, we will make sure that you get a complete, and detailed
training, to get you started on your way. After that, you’ll have your Operations
Manager to help you do your job well, and your Team Lead will be there to make
sure you are comfortable and happy in your job.

As part of this recruitment process, 5CA may conduct a screening activity on your
publicly available social media accounts registered on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook,
and/or Instagram. For further details, please refer to our privacy policy.

Job requirements:
  • You speak excellent English, and Dutch at a near-native level.
  • You are available to work 6-hour workdays, five days a week
  • You are able to work evenings, and don’t mind if (part of) your shift falls on
  • Experience in a Customer Service environment or an international business
setting is a plus!
  • You have excellent written communication skills and know how to make
customers happy.

  • You are a fast learner who likes to take initiative.
  • You have a dedicated quiet workspace, located within your own residence.
PC requirements:
  • An internet speed minimum of 4 Mb/s download and 1,5 Mb/s upload
  • A (smart)phone usable for two-factor authentication that runs at least:
o Android 4.4 or newer
o Apple iOS 10.0 or newer
  • A minimum of 6 GB RAM memory
  • Your computer should run at least a 64-bit version of Windows 8 or newer, or
a recently released version of macOS
  • An i5 (2,8 Ghz or faster) processor or better/ similar, max. 3 years old.
  • A USB, noise-canceling headset (a must-have for the job, but not for the
application process).
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Deadline: 21-06-2023

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