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Andy Cannon - Photographer

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Update day: 26-05-2023

Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife city Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Job type: Internship

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Photography and Videography Assistant

Are photography and videography your passion? Do you enjoy planning photoshoots in beautiful natural settings such as beaches, mountains, and forests? Are you proficient in creating exceptional visual content using programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Premiere?

We are currently seeking an Assistant for a Tenerife-based Lifestyle & Commercial photographer who specializes in capturing visual content for brands.

This position requires a combination of remote work and on-site assistance, providing support in the business’s day-to-day operations, marketing efforts, and social media content strategy.

The ideal candidate should possess enthusiasm, interest in the field, creativity, and energy, as many assignments involve working outdoors at various locations.

Duration: 3-6 months, full-time

Start Date: As soon as possible

This exchange takes place through the Erasmus+, EYE, or similar European programs. For the EYE program, an interest in entrepreneurship is desired, and if selected, you will be required to prepare a business plan with our support.


  • Equipment and Set Preparation:
    • Unload and set up cameras, tripods, lights, and other equipment.
    • Assist in preparing and styling the set based on customer requests and the photographer’s vision.
    • Place props, guide customers on positioning, and adjust lighting sources.
  • Assistance During Photo Shoots:
    • Provide support during the photo session, which may include taking additional photos and videos.
    • Assist in adjusting and directing lighting for optimal results.
  • Customer Service:
    • Manage customer appointments and maintain the schedule.
    • Address customer inquiries, resolve conflicts, and answer questions about services.
    • Conduct client outreach and contribute to brand awareness efforts.
  • Photo Editing:
    • Utilize image editing software to retouch and enhance photos.
    • Correct blemishes, crop images, adjust contrast, tone, and lighting.
    • Remove unwanted objects, apply digital filters, enhance colors, and improve image sharpness.
  • Social Media:
    • Possess familiarity with managing social media platforms for brands.
    • Assist in client outreach, create engaging posts, stories, and reels.


    Be based in an European country other than Spain, or Canada or the US and should be less than 3 years into their business and open to spending 3 - 6 months in Tenerife

    • Familiarity with photography techniques, including appropriate lighting, shutter speeds, filters, and lenses.
    • Proficiency in multimedia editing, with basic image editing skills for photo retouching and enhancement.
    • Customer service orientation for handling inquiries, payments, order distribution, and assisting during photoshoots.
    • Creative mindset to assist photographers in selecting camera settings, lighting, and creating visually appealing sets.
    • Strong interpersonal skills for effective collaboration with photographers and customers, including flexibility, teamwork, and clear communication.
    • Driving skills are highly desirable.
    • Knowledge of photography equipment (cameras, lenses, lights, filters) and image/video editing software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Corel PaintShop Pro, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere).


    • Monthly financial assistance according to the local cost of living.
    • Training programs will be provided.
    • Paid travel costs to and from the destination country.
    • Valuable experience to enhance your CV and the opportunity to live and work abroad.

    If you have a passion for photography and videography, a creative mindset, and a willingness to learn and grow, we encourage you to apply for this Assistant position. Please submit your resume, portfolio showcasing your work if available, and a cover letter expressing your interest and relevant skills.

    The ideal candidate would be based in an European country other than Spain, or Canada or the US and should be less than 3 years into their business and open to spending 3 - 6 months in Tenerife,

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    Deadline: 25-06-2023

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